5 Best Wedding Hairstyles for Round Faces


If you have a round face shape, you’re in beautiful company with Emma Stone, Kirsten Dunst, and Cameron Diaz. The key is finding the right haircut and hairstyle that narrows width and adds contrasting angles.

There are lots of bridal looks that do just that. Keep reading for the 5 best wedding hairstyles for round faces plus pictures!


1. The number one features of hairstyles that flatter round face shapes is height. Volume at the crown elongates the face for a slimming effect.

The bump or pouf can be worn with any hairstyle and is beautiful with half up looks or bridal updos.

Hair Down Hairstyles for Round Faces

2. The best hairstyles for round faces add volume above or below the face. Curls or any volume around the cheeks adds undesirable width. That doesn’t mean curls are off limits though! Rather, curled hair or waves should start below the chin.



3.  More about volume! There are so many ways to achieve that flattering height. The pouf can be worn behind bangs or further back on the head. Again, this works with any bridal hairstyle and wedding hair accessory. Even better if combined with side swept bangs (see below).


4. In addition to height, angles contrast round faces with a slimming effect. One way to add this asymmetry is side hairstyles. Any ponytail, bun, or updo can be pulled over to one side.


5. Side swept bangs are beautiful on everyone but especially flattering for round faces because the add a contrasting angle. If you don’t have have bangs, your stylist can add them to any updo by pulling long hair across from the side part.